Mitul Palan may have had humble beginnings, but his experience of over 17 years, has earned him a very strong reputation. Instinctive and knowledgeable, his tips and tricks have helped many BPOs and companies to flourish. Read on about how his dream journey began and about Mitul Palan’s life achievements.

Over the years, Mitul Palan Mumbai has been really vocal about the importance of outsourcing and how it can allow businesses to thrive even during the worst of situations. The following is a list of reasons why companies in the United States of India, must outsource to India.

India is home to one of the largest pools of professionals

It is an established fact that Indians have a flair for technical skills. There is plenty of consolidated manpower which can be put to good use. Besides that, English is commonly spoken and understood by the people of this country which is why language is not an issue. The productivity rate is high, plus, everyone is well-trained and very professional.

The cost-effectiveness

The pricing model is very cost effective, one of the most important factors about outsourcing to India is the cost-effectiveness. According to Mitul Palan outsourcing can help companies to save for marketing and business operational activities. Hiring a technical professional in India will cost half, of a company would pay for hiring a person with the same skill sets in the USA.

Good infrastructure

With the growth of BPO companies in India, there is no dearth of good infrastructure. Mitul Palan in Mumbai says India is equipped with everything necessary to run a good BPO. Availability of good quality Internet services, the cellular network, knowledgeable employees and good work space. All kinds of BPO services, such as data entry, data processing services, word processing, survey processing, data conversion services, media transcription, etc can be handled very easily.

Long-term benefits

As per Mitul Palan Mumbai, outsourcing allows companies to get hold of some of the best talents in the business. Besides that, the company can make a lot of cost benefits in the long run. Look at it this way, the company is receiving, same or better quality work, at half the cost, so it all makes a lot of sense, especially if the long term benefits are contemplated.

India is the most preferred destination when it comes to outsourcing

With IT training becoming so common in the country, the country offers the best outsourcing services at a very decent cost. As per, The country is a pro-IT economy, thus allowing new and buzzing call centers to come up with never-seen-before ideas. The country is booming with news startups, who know how to deal with bar cybercrimes, re-documentation, and electronic contracts. The government in India has also provided a number of provisions to the IT sector. Mitul Palan in Mumbai believes that Indians are able to provide the fastest time-to-market services, because of the 12 hour time difference between America and India. So a lot of the tasks are completed much earlier than the deadline. This obviously adds to the efficiency of the company concerned.

The overall productivity and quality is enhanced

According to Mitul Palan since outsourcing is generating employment in India, most of the employees, give their best to the job at hand, to make sure that they are an asset to the company. Which is why the productivity, as well as the quality of the services, is enhanced manifolds. One can hire good talent at really good rates.

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