When talking about the BPO industry, there is one man, who has worked his way up the ladder in the most efficient and diligent manner and that is Mitul Palan. He started off as a freelancer, but over a period of 17 years, Mitul Palan has become a brand. He is an expert when it comes to startups, BPOs, co-sourcing, outsourcing, online reputation management, social media management, digital marketing and the like. Over the years, Mr. Palan has laid great emphasis on hiring of offshore employees and has successfully explained its importance. Read more about Mitul Palan.

Why hiring offshore employees can benefit the company

As we all know, marketing is the key tool when it comes to the growth prospects of a company. While marketing can become very expensive, hiring offshore employees at lower rates will help the company save money. This money can be employed into equipping the company with savings for future endeavours. There are primarily 5 reasons for outsourcing

• It reduces operational costs

• It helps in gaining world-class capabilities

• It maximizes the use of external sources

• It frees the internal sources to do other, more important work

• It streamlines everything for better efficacy and saves a lot of time

How is offshore hiring for undertaking marketing and back office processing a good idea?

The cost of operations is reduced

As per Mitul Palan in Mumbai one of the major factors when it comes to any company is funds. Offshore hiring can be really beneficial to save funds. It is an external agency responsible for its own cost of operations, the company concerned does not have to invest in infrastructure and training to set-up a marketing and back office processing team. According to Mitul Palan, when a separate agency is taking care of these jobs, they have the expertise and the experience and skill set of handling it, that too at a much lower cost, so it is a win-win situation.

The productivity is improved

Your company needs to concentrate on its core functions while the secondary and tertiary tasks of back office management can be undertaken by another offshore company.

Better flexibility

According to mitulpalan hiring offshore employees can help you in working from different time zones, thereby improving flexibility, thus enabling 24-hours services. Apart from that, the quality of the service is impeccable because the team of professional providing with offshore services are adept at their jobs. In the long run, you get the best services at lower costs.

Better technology

As per Mitul Palan Mumbai the company which provides with offshore services adopt new-age technology by investing money in the latest equipment for better services and employee training. With such amazing technological expertise, you are bound to choose offshore companies because they offer economical pricing and excellent efficiency.

Better budget operation

As per Mitul Palan in Mumbai, there is a huge scope for offshore marketing. It is inexpensive, efficient and not to mention, flexible. Over the years, many companies have benefited with this business plan. In accordance to mitulpalan.com, there is a huge pool of companies offering offshore services, you can pick and choose between companies which have the best reputation.

So, according to Mitul Palan, cost efficiency for better services is the reason why a company should opt for offshore services. the job is done effectively and efficiently without any glitches.

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