Generating the right leads is crucial for any form of business. If you are aiming to expand your business and create a far reaching impact by expanding your existing customer base, then business-to-business or B2B leads certainly play a vital role.

According to Mr. Mitul Palan, unless you work on improving the B2B leads, your brand will not be able to draw traffic and consumer interest as much as you desire.

You must have heard about Mitul Palan, who is presently, the Director of Brainworks Solutions, Mumbai. Having over 17 years of successful work experience, he has delivered customer-focused projects to various clients.

Mitul Palan tips on how to improve B2B leads generation

As you might be well aware, generating more leads is the key to achieving greater success in B2B marketing. With his many years of experience as a marketing guru, Mitul Palan has come up with some effective insights. With his advice, you can easily improvise on your current B2B lead generation techniques to make better profits.

According to Mr. Mitul Palan, following are some of the most useful tips

    • Always create the keyword list to target the Business: In B2B you want to target only decision makers to view the special ads you create. Select the most appropriate keywords for reaching the correct audiences. The accuracy of keyword coining and usage invariably pushes up the probability levels of your business gaining higher attention.
    • Write Ad Copy Concentrating on the Businesses: Sometimes, keywords are not enough and you need to create ad copy to exhibit the products and services that you offer. This way you get to target only your desired audiences and minimise non-profitable traffic flow. Ad copy, in the long run, helps you in fetching worthwhile lead generation too.
    • Well Designed Landing Page Ensuring Right Call-to-Action: After searching for products and services, a potential customer finds the appropriate Company. This individual should be provided with the correct landing page to obtain further information. And the appropriate Call-To-Action phrases or images add to the rates of conversion.
    • Ensure you make a clear call-to-action on the landing page: Your landing page should comprise a customized form for users to fill in their inquiries. The fields of the form should be kept short while you collect only necessary information. On this landing page, provide a summary of your Company, products services offered.
    • Show B2B Company Ads During the Business Hours: The time when you schedule to show your B2B Company’s advertisement plays a very crucial role in improving lead generations. The best way to target the majority of your audiences is during the daytime during business hours. Since that is the time when they are most productive, witnessing your B2B advertisements will make them more receptive to knowledge about your brand and services.

So here are some valuable tips that you can adopt, to ensure a higher rate of conversion from visitors to customers. This way, you can not only expand your customer base steadily but also enjoy higher profits.

Talking about Mitul Palan accomplishments, he had sold web designing contracts to 94 business owners in a month. The Company awarded him “Best Employee of the year 2004” and promoted him to manage 30 executives.

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