The US-based telesales services provided by any BPO is just a small portion of the telemarketing services being provided. Mitul Palan, a BPO professional with over 17 years of experience shares a few useful tips that when used can contribute greatly towards the goal achievement. A lot of organizations use telesales services for various offshore projects, but do all receive the same level of success? Have you been able to meet the pre-decided sale figure with your existing US-based telesales campaign?

If you know about Mitul Palan, then you must be aware of the reasons as to why a lot of US-based telesales campaigns fail because he keeps on sharing informational blogs timely on different social platforms. In case, you don’t know, then read ahead to know some useful tips shared by Mitul Palan in Mumbai to optimize the telesales campaign at the earliest.

Identification of the Target Market

A lot of professionals just focus on knowing the business of the client, but what about the customers’ that are you are going to approach? Do you know anything about them? This is a common mistake that most of the BPO professionals make, and as a result, the telesales campaign fails. The best way to be successful is by knowing the target customer profiles as well. Try to find out information related to your prospective leads as this will help in building meaningful relation which in turn will result in higher sales.

Decide on the sales call ultimate objective

When you make a call to reach out to a client, the purpose of doing the same can be varied. Acquiring clients’ data, making a sale, fixing an appointment, and professional objection handling are some of the reasons that a call can be made to a lead. If you want to make the most out of your campaign, then be sure with the purpose of reaching out to clients’. This will save your time and efforts alongside increasing the chances of a successful call closure.

Fix the demographic beforehand

If you are running US-based telesales service campaigns, then be sure with regard to the target demographic. You need to be clear whether you want to reach out to clients all over the US or you want to target only a few US cities for the time being. One of the various reasons that contributed towards the Mitul Palan achievements is that he knew which particular demographic to target at a given time. This made him channelize his efforts in the right direction that ultimately yielded results in his favour.

These are just a few of the many important tips that you should focus on while designing a strategic plan for your US-based telesales services campaign. You will surely see a considerable effect of incorporating these tips. If you want to stay updated on the useful and important tips then do follow Mitul Palan and his writings on different platforms including Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

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