Mitul Palan is renowned in the business field for his deliverance of seamless, customer-oriented and premium projects for his clients. As an individual who has worked and excelled in the business field for about two decades, Mr. Palan’s achievements in the journey to his present success can make an inspirational story for those who wish to achieve the absolute best in life.

The 10 most common telecommunications myths debunked

Here, Mr. Mitul Palan debunks some of the most common myths in the telecommunication industry. Since he has always worked towards providing excellent customer service, he finds it his duty and responsibility to shine the light on these popular misconceptions:

    • No data is too diverse to consolidate

      Most people live under the misconception that their data is too complex to centralize. With the growth in the number of open source components, it is becoming easily possible to store, process and analyze large volumes of data.

    • Open Source is not equal to open security

      Obviously, this is not true. Big data platforms provide a comprehensive security system for organizations to ensure that their data remains secure at all times.

    • Hadoop does provide equal returns on investments

      This is an absolute myth since industries are able to provide 35-90% cost savings depending upon their scale. Leading telcos are using Apache Hadoop to analyze a large volume of data and uncover any data and fraud underlying the surface.

    • Hadoop is not too difficult to comprehend

      Hadoop is actually one of the easiest platforms to adapt to. It helps companies to save both time and money by training their teams. There are also many certification programs available in the market which can help your team learn the basics of the trade with ease.

    • Legacy systems are not too complicated

      Depending upon the platform you use, the legacy system can be very easy to navigate.

    • Cable and DSL speeds are not higher than T1 speeds

      This is only a myth generated and popularized by local exchange providers to sell you cheap connectivity. T1 has a much lower latency, error and re-transmission rates.

    Other myths and their reality

    • T1 services are as reliable as POTs lines
    • You can order services from anywhere and not just the provider in the building
    • There are many providers that have a better network than your current provider, so don’t be fooled into believing that your current network is the best.
    • Implementing a satellite solution is absolutely not complicated.

    About Mitul Palan

    With regard to Mitul Palan, the more said, the better. His forte lies in providing excellent offshore marketing and customer acquisition services to all his clients all over the world. He is the co-founder of the famous Brainworks Solutions, a call centre outsourcing firm in India that provides the best services to its customers.

    His story is a premium example of the fact that success is directly proportional to determination and the power of strong will.

    Achievements of Mitul Palan

    There are many achievements of Mitul Palan, even more than we can think about. He was awarded the Best Employee of the Year Award in 2004 while he was a call centre executive in Imercius Technologies Pvt Ltd. His dedication also got him promoted as a manager of 30 call center executives.

    His biggest achievement is probably Brainworks, which is partly his brainchild and is garnering a lot of positive attention in the BPO field.

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    You can reach Mitul Palan in Mumbai by following him on Facebook, Twitter, and  LinkedIn.

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