The growing demand for outsourcing has given rise to a number of BPO’s in India over the past few years. Needless to say, the end number of benefits that the sector has to offer has attracted several multi-million dollar offshore deals as well. Irrespective of the company size you operate, it is not always possible to meet your offshore telemarketing needs due to the difference in time zones of the two countries. According to Mitul Palan, a highly-experienced BPO professional, outsourcing telesales services is the best way out to meet your ultimate goals.

If you consider the offshore telesales outsourcing services to be an expensive one, then think again. Here is a list of reasons that are enough to amplify the importance and benefits of the entire process.

Much of your resources can be saved

When you hire full-time telesales persons to look after your US telesales campaign, then you cannot pull out your hand entirely from the process. You will have to take out time for checking the work performance of the entire team and also have to give in efforts to take care of the loopholes if any. But when you outsource the entire work, all you need to do is focus on your core competencies as everything else is taken care of by the outsourcers. This saves both your time and money that you usually end up shelling on your employees.

The number of deal closures can be increased

When a pool of professionals are constantly giving flawless customer support to your offshore clients, you can rest assured that those professionals can easily cross-sell your existing products or better market your products/services to them. This will result in an increased number of deal closures than ever before.

More potential customers can be targeted within the given time

You cannot go ahead with hiring numerous people just to look after your offshore telesales campaigns as it is surely going to burn a hole in your budget. Moreover, there is no assurance that with the hired number of employees you will be able to meet the set targets. Outsourcing ensures that you manage to reach out to a large chunk of your target market within your decided time-frame. More reach is directly proportional to more sales, so you can decide which way to choose ahead.

There are tons of other reasons/benefits as well that should make you choose to outsource over hiring employees. If you go and analyze the achievements of Mitul Palan, then the picture will become clearer to you. Having spent over 17 years of his life in the BPO sector, Mitul Palan has acquired useful insights that are sure to give you the right dose of information. To know more about Mitul Palan you can follow him on different social platforms including Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook. The shared blogs on his accounts are sure to give you the right insights that you were looking for long.

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