For those who do not know, Mitul Palan is a very big name in the Indian BPO sector. With over 17 years of experience in this realm, he has developed a reputation for being the go-to man, to rescue every BPO problem. He is the founder of Brainworks Solutions Private Limited. A graduate in commerce from the Mumbai University, Mitul Palan in Mumbai has definitely proven his mettle in this sector. One of the most knowledgeable people in this field, he has the experience and expertise, to answer a number of BPO related questions.

The following are some of the tips and tricks for those looking forward to co-source their call center.

You get much better support by out-sourcing

Establishing a call center within your company can be a daunting task. Handling emergencies can become a little difficult, especially during a crisis situation. In case your in-house support fails to handle the matters, co-sourcing can be of great help. This way your clients will not notice a hiccup in your services, they will also recognize your brand as reliable and diligent. This will help in building your company’s reputation. Good services are always appreciated and one of the precursors to establishing a better brand.

Co-sourcing will improve the services

Mitul Palan, Mumbai has said that professional global talents are huge assets to the company. They are prepared to avert problems and take calls on a short notice. By using recent technologies, it becomes easier for service providers to maintain an updated sales method. The quality of the calls will improve manifolds and the average waiting time of the customer will also reduce, even during peak hours. Addition of such a service will definitely become building blocks towards the growth of your company.

Better customer care

According to Mitul Palan Mumbai, customer care is one of the biggest pillars when it comes to building the trust of your customers. If your company has a decent client base, then the calls are bound to be overflowing throughout the day. By co-sourcing the work to an external service, you will be equipped with handling calls 24X7 which is a huge advantage, that too, you will be able to do it at minimal cost. A new business can really benefit from such a service, as it adds to the whole idea of building your brand, according to

You will not have to offer extra space

As per Mitul Palan, outsourcing is the best way to begin a start-up. Owning your own call center will require you to hire an office space, spend on the interiors, hire new employees, etc which can lead to unnecessary expenses. With co-sourcing, you will not have to hassle with the idea of appointing new people and arranging for infrastructure, which can be really expensive. Co-sourcing will only reduce your overall cost, and yet your work will go on just fine. This will allow you to concentrate on other, more important aspects of your business, and plan out different ways of better growth. Professional call center employees will know how to handle calls and accomplish the work in an apt manner. They are more businesslike and know how to go about professional calls.

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