Mitul Palan is one of the biggest names in the BPO industry. With over 17 years of experience, he has gained enough expertise and practical knowledge to become a pro in the field. A founder of Brainworks Solution Private Limited, his Company is set up in Vadodara and Mumbai. Mitul Palan is a commerce graduate from the University of Mumbai and then he went on to obtain his post-graduation diploma in Foreign Trade. The man has enough knowledge about the international market and has done a lot of freelance work before living his dreams as an entrepreneur.  Follow the link to read about Mitul Palan.

What is lead generation?

Lead generation can be termed as the layout of the pipelines for developing sales. This process requires digital channels. Over the years the trends in the field of marketing have changed manifolds. According to Mitul Palan Mumbai, lead generation is important for making newer paths for reaching out to the buyers. This, in turn, helps in tracking potential customers and buyers. Today’s buyers happen to be very well-informed all thanks to the internet, so educating them about your services and converting them into clients is what lead generation is all about.

Mitul Palan tips on how to go about lead generation?

Mitul Palan in Mumbai is considered as one of the best people to refer to when talking about US lead generation. He has some deep insights to offer in this rather complex field, and his tips are golden words which ought to be executed for better US lead generation.

    • Inbound Marketing: According to blogger outreach, calls-to-action, social media updates, SEO page optimization and premium content, on the digital media helps in generating US leads.
    • Generation of Demand: paid ads on the social media, banners, advertisements on local media, print ads, personal networking are some important factors in this field according to Mitul Palan in Mumbai.
    • Gathering the Leads: Well once you have access to the leas, you have to figure out a way of catering this information through landing pages. You will need to identify everything and cross-reference leads in order to develop their profiles.
    • Segregation and segmentation of leads: According to Mitul Palan, this step happens to be a very important one. Now that you have all the relevant content regarding the leads, one has to segment them towards targeted campaigns.

In today’s competitive environment lead generation is a huge challenge for marketers. However, with Mitul Palan’s exercise of lead generation and telesales all kinds of companies are bound to benefit. From start-ups to reputed brands, everyone needs effective leads which definitely requires a skillset. It is a vital business strategy which can make or break your brand. Mitul Palan believes in outsourced US lead generation services so that when compiled and segmented, the leads are sales-ready. Mr. Palan lays huge emphasis on the study of leads, as it helps in understanding the customer and its needs much better.

According to Mitul Palan good quality leads and telesales can help in:

    • Accelerating revenue
    • Reducing overhead costs and expenses of employee training
    • Increasing productivity
    • Nurturing good relationships with clients to convert them into loyalist buyers
    • Bringing about a cohesiveness in the system
    • It helps in exposing new products to the market.

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