Mitul Palan – The Epitome of Power of Determination

  • Mitul Palan - Expert in Outbound & Inbound Call Center Services

Mitul Palan is a renowned BPO professional and co-founder of Brainworks Solutions, Vadodara. With 17 years of experience, which is almost 2 decades, he has been seamlessly delivering successful, premium and customer-focused projects to his clients. Mitul Palan’s astonishing career graph is an inspiration for many.

Mitul Palan Delivers Customer Acquisition Services

The alcove, ‘BPO’ (Business Process Outsourcing) or simply ‘Outsourcing’ is huge. Mr. Mitul Palan forte lies in offering impeccable offshore marketing and customer acquisition services to clients across the globe. Also, being the co-founder of Brainworks Solutions, a leading inbound and outbound call center outsourcing firm in India, Mitul Palan is responsible for delivering quality-focused customer acquisition services. His main business motto is to provide consistent and timely services to the clients in order to make the latter grow unstoppably in this cut-throat competitive market.

Mitul Palan Ensures Company Steady Growth

Apart from his expertise in the world of BPO, Mitul Palan is also associated with Payless Energy, New York, as the Business Development Head of the company. Payless Energy is a reputed supplier of natural gas and electricity, where Mr. Mitul Palan is responsible for developing the sales channels, online and offline marketing teams and ensuring the steady growth of customer base of the company.

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This is not all, Brainworks Solutions, where Mr. Mitul Palan is the co-owner, is planning to tap into the Utilities and Insurance market in the months to come. The company’s mission would be offering low-cost and quality-oriented sales and marketing services to various firms that are looking forward to boosting their customer base.

Mitul Palan’s Success Story

Mitul Palan is the best example that illustrates the power of strong determination. He always wanted to set up a call center business. However, as he didn’t have any financial backing or a family business background, it was almost next to impossible to make his dream a reality. So, he began his professional journey with freelancing projects. After accumulating some funds, Mr. Mitul Palan kick-started working on his dream by incorporating call center services with an initial team of 10 call center executives, initially. And, slowly, but consistently, he became a brand.His immense achievements are proof of his dedication and hard work.


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